CAFE Statement on Trump Administration sanctions against the people of Cuba.

On April 17, 2019, National Security Advisor John Bolton announced in Miami the implementation of measures designed to disrupt the sovereignty and stability of the Cuban nation. Making use of a tone and language more typical of the Cold War era than that of a 21st century politician, Bolton appealed to the chorus of "Cuban" - Americans summoned there: "We will need your help in the coming days. We must all reject the forces of communism and socialism in this hemisphere, and in this country. " 

The announced measures include the restriction of the trips of the Americans to the island, a limit in the shipments of family remittances, and the entry into force on May 2 of the Helms-Burton law that allows Americans to file lawsuits in federal courts in compensation claim for property and property confiscated by the government of Cuba after 1959.

Cuban Americans for Engagement condemns the implementation of these regulations aimed at causing more hardship to the Cuban family.   

Once again, the Trump administration chooses to be on the wrong side of history, by destroying the legacy of Barack Obama, who promoted a policy of rapprochement and diplomacy, against the grain of what most of the governments of this country have promulgated. It chooses, on the contrary, to perpetuate the illegitimacy of interventionist and disrespectful positions that undermine the sovereignty and right to self-determination of countries in the region, turning a deaf ear to the claims of an American and Cuban-American majority that supports the lifting of the embargo and the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States.

"Men belong into two categories: those who love and found, those who hate and undo what others have done," said our Apostle José Marí. It is clear to which of the two sides belong the two leaders.